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35kV Off circuit Disc type tap changer-tank hole Φ43

Off circuit disc type tap changer

35kV Off circuit Disc type tap changer-tank hole Φ43

Designed for oil-immersed power transformers with frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, rated voltage of 10kV, and rated current of 63A to 250A, this tap changer offers a direct fixing option on the transformer box cover. It can be easily replaced in a non-excitation state, providing convenience and efficiency in transformer maintenance.

    Model Meaning



    1. The tap changer features a well-designed structure with a compact size, making it suitable for installations with limited space. Its reasonable design allows for easy installation.
    2. The tap changer is equipped with a flexible and precise adjustment design, allowing it to easily adapt to different requirements and achieve efficient control.
    3. The tap changer is designed with low contact resistance, which guarantees the stability and efficiency of the circuit.
    4. The production of tap changers follows standardized processes and can be customized to meet specific requirements. In homogeneous conditions, this standardized production approach can result in significant cost savings for you.


    Phase Three phase、single phase
    Rated voltage 35kV
    Rated current 63A~250A
    Voltage regulation 0.025
    Tapping positions 3~9

    The 35kV non-excited disk tap-changer is an important component to ensure the stability and efficiency of the power distribution network. Thanks to advanced technology and robust construction, the tap-changer is able to seamlessly regulate voltage levels to meet the dynamic needs of the grid. This provides consumers with smooth, uninterrupted power supply even during peak loads.

    One of the main features of this tap changer is its tank hole Φ43, which makes it easy to install and maintain. The large water tank hole provides ample space for access and repair of internal components, making it easy for technicians to perform inspections and repairs. This design also effectively cools the tap changer, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Model No. (A)Rated Current (KV)Rated Voltae NO.of phases mm Install dimension Tank hole
    ΦD1 L H Md φD
    WSPⅢ163/35-3×3 63 35 3 80 67 126 M6 135 Φ43
    WSPⅢ1125/35-3×3 125 126 M8 135
    WSPⅢ163/35-5×5 63 105 75 130 M6 200
    WSPⅢ1125/35-5×5 125 130 M8 200
    WSPⅡ163/35-4×3 63 80 67 120 M6 225
    WSPⅡ1125/35-4×3 125 120 M8 225
    WSPⅡ1250/35-4×3 250 120 M8 225
    WSPⅡ163/35-6×5 63 105 75 120 M6 278
    WSPⅡ1125/35-6×5 125 120 M8 278
    WSPⅡ1250/35-6×5 250 120 M8 278
    WDPⅡ163/35-4×3 63 1 80 67 130 M6 176
    WDPⅡ163/35-6×5 130 M6 176
    WDPⅡ163/35-8×7 130 M6 176
    WDPⅡ163/35-10×9 130 M6 176
    WDPⅡ1125/35-4×3 125 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1125/35-6×5 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1125/35-8×7 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1125/35-10×9 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1250/35-4×3 250 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1250/35-6×5 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1250/35-8×7 130 M8 176
    WDPⅡ1250/35-10×9 130 M8 176

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