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Horizontal electric cage tap changer central voltage regulation

Off circuit cage type tap changer

Horizontal electric cage tap changer central voltage regulation

Comprising an electric transmission mechanism, a switch body, and an electric controller, this series is suitable for oil-immersed transformers with a maximum equipment voltage of 40.5 kV or lower and a rated current of 630A or lower. The tap and switch operations can be performed electrically or manually in the de-energized state. It is designed to be used with our electric controller JLK-718A, and it is essential to ensure that the transformer is de-energized before operating.

    Model Meaning



    1. This technology is versatile and can be customized for use in all non-excitation transformers.
    2. This product exhibits excellent resistance to short-circuits.
    3. This product offers various operating modes, including both automatic and manual options.

    Model Data

    Connecting method Central voltage regulation
    Rated current 200A - 630A
    Rated voltage 10kV、35kV、66kV
    Number of positions  4-8

    Horizontal cage tap changer central voltage regulation is a powerful and versatile solution for managing voltage fluctuations in electrical systems. Its unique horizontal design allows for seamless integration into existing electrical infrastructure, making it ideal for retrofitting older systems or implementing new voltage regulation solutions.

    This innovative product features an electric cage tap-changer that dynamically adjusts voltage levels to ensure consistent, stable power delivery to critical equipment and machinery. Central voltage regulation provides centralized control and monitoring of voltage levels at multiple distribution points, providing comprehensive protection for sensitive electronic and electrical components.

    Horizontal cage tap-changer central voltage regulation, with its advanced technology and robust construction, provides a reliable and long-lasting solution for managing voltage variations. It is built to withstand the rigors of daily operation, delivering consistent performance and reliable voltage regulation even in the most demanding environments.

    In addition to its technical capabilities, the product also comes with user-friendly features that simplify installation and operation. Its intuitive interface and flexible configuration options allow it to be easily integrated into existing electrical systems, while its compact footprint allows for seamless integration into space-constrained environments.

    Overall, the horizontal cage tap changer central voltage regulation is a game-changing voltage regulation solution that offers unrivaled performance, reliability and convenience. Whether you want to upgrade your existing power infrastructure or implement a new voltage regulation system, this product is ideal for ensuring a stable and efficient power supply. Experience the future of voltage regulation with our horizontal cage tap-changer central voltage regulation.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Type Install measurement(mm) Frequency withstand level(kV/1min)
    L1 L2 L D B H Over the ground interphase intercontact
    WSLⅡDW200~630/10-6×5 168 100 520 ≤320 ≤340 270 45 45 18
    WSLⅡDW200~630/10-8×7 168 100 520 300 45 45 18
    WSLⅡDW200~630/35-6×5 248 160 800 ≤320 ≤360 270 95 95 30
    WSLⅡDW200~630/35-8×7 248 160 800 300 95 95 30

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