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Vertical electric cage type tap changer-Linear voltage regulation

Off circuit cage type tap changer

Vertical electric cage type tap changer-Linear voltage regulation

This series of switches is made up of an electric transmission mechanism, a switch body, and an electric controller. It is applicable to oil-immersed transformers with a maximum equipment voltage of 126 kV or lower and a rated current of 1250A or lower. The tap switching can be carried out electrically or manually when the transformer is not in the excitation state. These switches are designed to be used in conjunction with our company’s electric controller JLK-718A.

This tap changer can only be operated when the transformer is de-energized.

    Model Meaning



    1. The wide applicability of this technology makes it suitable for all types of non-excitation transformers. 
    2. This product offers excellent short-circuit resistance, making it a reliable and efficient switch for high-current and high-voltage operations. 
    3. The product provides the convenience of multiple operating modes, including automatic and manual options.


    Connection Linear type regulation
    Rated through current 200A-1250A
    Rated current grade 10kV、35kV、66kV
    Maximum number of working positions 13

    Vertical electric cage tap-changers are key components of power transformers that seamlessly adjust the transformer's turns ratio to maintain a constant output voltage. The tap changer features a state-of-the-art design that enables smooth and accurate voltage regulation even under varying load conditions.

    Unlike traditional tap-changers, our vertical electric cage tap-changers offer several unique advantages. Its vertical orientation allows for more compact installation, saving valuable space in crowded substations. Additionally, the electric cage design enhances reliability and durability, ensuring consistent performance over a longer service life.

    One of the outstanding features of our vertical electric cage tap-changers is their ability to provide linear voltage regulation. This means that the device can maintain a stable output voltage within a narrow tolerance range, ensuring optimal power quality for sensitive equipment and machinery. This precise regulation capability is particularly beneficial in industrial and commercial environments, where voltage fluctuations can cause equipment failure and production downtime.

    Additionally, our vertical electric cage tap-changers are equipped with advanced control and monitoring features and can be easily integrated into modern smart grid systems. With comprehensive remote control and diagnostics, operators can effectively manage voltage regulation and respond quickly to changing grid conditions.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Model Installation flange Installation size  mm Power frequency withstand voltage rating(kV/1min)
    L1 L2 H1 H To earth Interface Between contacts
    WSLⅠ DL 200~630/10-5×5~8×8 A型 ΦD=360 150 110 480 720 45 45 18
    WSLⅠ DL 200~630/10-9×9~11×11 155 580 820
    WSLⅠ DL 200~630/35-5×5~8×8 210 170 650 890 100 95 30
    WSLⅠ DL 200~630/35-9×9~11×11 210 760 1000
    WSLⅠ DL 200~630/10-12×12~13×13 B型 ΦD=440 150 155 580 820 45 45 18
    WSLⅠ DL 200~630/35-12×12~13×13 210 210 760 1000 100 95 30

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