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Vertical tank-top hand-wheel manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation

De-energized manual cage tap changer

Vertical tank-top hand-wheel manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation

The series of products is a de-energized tap-changer for oil-immersed de-energized voltage regulating transformer, which adopts a vertical cage structure. It is installed in a bell type. It can be widely used in power, rectifier, electric furnace and other transformers with rated frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, rated voltages of 35kV, 66kV, 110 kV, and rated currents of 125A~2000A. It must be operated under the condition that the transformer is de-energized!

    Model Meaning



    1. It is widely applicable and can be applied to all de-energized transformers; 
    2. Strong short-circuit resistance, can be made into high-current and high-voltage products.


    Connecting method Central voltage regulation
    Rated current 125A-2000A
    Rated voltage 10kV、35kV、66kV、110 kV

    Vertical tank top hand wheel manual cage tap changer The central voltage regulating system is a key component to maintain a stable and reliable voltage supply. The tap-changer features a vertical design and handwheel operation, providing the operator with ease of use and operability. Manual cage tap-changers provide precise control of voltage regulation, allowing precise regulation and optimized power distribution.

    The system is designed to meet the needs of modern power systems, providing a cost-effective solution for voltage regulation. The tank roof design facilitates installation and maintenance, while manual operation ensures quick and accurate adjustments. Cage tap-changer technology ensures seamless voltage regulation without interrupting power supply, enabling continuous and stable operation.

    Whether used in industrial applications, utilities or renewable energy systems, vertical tank top handwheel manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation systems are the perfect solution for managing voltage fluctuations and ensuring a stable power supply. It is a reliable and durable system designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty use and provide long-lasting performance.

    At our company, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality solutions for power systems, and the Vertical Tank Top Handwheel Manual Cage Tap-Changer Central Voltage Regulation System demonstrates this commitment. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this system is sure to be a game-changer in the field of voltage regulation. Contact us today to learn more about how this system can benefit your operations and improve your power management capabilities.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Type Install measurement mm Frequency withstand voltage level(kV/1min)
    L1 L2 L Md To ground Between phase Between contacts
    WSLⅡ 200~630/10-6×5~10×9 D 150 110 480 200A:Md=M12; 400A:Md=M16;630A:Md=M18 45 45 18
    WSLⅡ 200~630/35-6×5~10×9 D 210 170 650 95 95 30
    WSLⅡ 200~630/66-6×5~8×7 D 380 240 953 140 140 45
    WSLⅡ200~630/110-6×5 D 470 400 1370 230 230 55

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