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WSLde-energized American transformer manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation (fuel tank opening hole Φ34 )

De-energized manual cage tap changer

WSLde-energized American transformer manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation (fuel tank opening hole Φ34 )

The series is suitable for combined transformers with frequencies of 50 and 60Hz, the highest voltage of equipment 12 - 40.5kV, and rated current of 63-125A. It can be directly fixed on the wall of the transformer box, and the tap and switch can be carried out in the state of de-energized of the transformer.

    Model Meaning



    Its structure is compact in design, small in size, occupies little transformer space, and is easy to install. When adjusting the gear, the rotation is flexible and the operating torque is small.

    Model Data

    Connecting method Central voltage regulation
    Rated current 63A、125A
    Rated voltage 10kV、20 kV、35kV

    Launched WSL non-excitation American-style transformer manual cage tap-changer with central voltage regulation. This innovative product is designed for efficient and precise control of voltage regulation in transformers. The oil tank opening is Φ34, compatible with various transformer models.

    The WSL tap changer is designed to be de-energized, allowing for safe and easy maintenance without shutting down the entire system. This not only saves time and money but also minimizes downtime for critical operations. Manual cage tap-changers provide a reliable, durable solution for controlling voltage fluctuations, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply.

    This tap changer uses American engineering and precision to withstand the rigors of industrial applications. It provides central voltage regulation, allowing seamless adjustment to meet specific power requirements. This is critical to optimizing the performance and efficiency of the transformer in various environments.

    The WSL tap changer has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and configure. Its efficient design allows for fast, accurate regulation, ensuring optimal voltage output at all times. This is critical to maintaining the reliability and stability of the power distribution system.

    Additionally, WSL tap changers are constructed using high-quality materials and workmanship to ensure long-term durability and performance. The oil tank opening is Φ34, which is compatible with a variety of transformer models, making it a multifunctional and practical voltage regulation solution.

    Generally speaking, WSL non-excitation American transformer manual cage tap changer centralized voltage regulation is a reliable and efficient tool to maintain transformer voltage stability. Its innovative design, durable construction and user-friendly operation make it an essential component of any power distribution system. With WSL tap changers, you can ensure consistent, reliable power for your operations.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Type Rated voltage kV Install measurement
    H1 H2 H ΦD Md
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/10-4×3 10 105 65 245 Φ125 63A,Md=M6;125A,Md=M8
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/10-6×5 105 65 245
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/10-8×7 105 65 245 Φ136
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/20-4×3 20 120 100 335 Φ125
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/20-6×5 120 100 335
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/20-8×7 120 100 335 Φ136
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/35-4×3 35 135 110 375 Φ125
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/35-6×5 135 110 375
    WSLⅡ3 63~125/35-8×7 135 110 375 Φ136

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