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De-energized drum cylindrical tap changer all excellent

De-energized drum, cylindrical tap changer


1.When the switch is single phase, switch model (WDG), if not starting with W □ Z
2.Due to the many product models, please write the model accurately and confirm the external size in the type selection;
3.If the manual operation requires a remote position display, please add a Y after the S 
4.WDZ and WLZ are abbreviated as W (1 + 2) Z
For example: WDGⅡ630/40.5-6X5 S (Y) CW The meaning of this model is no excitation single phase drum middle single bridge span, rated current 630 A, rated voltage 40.5KV, manual (with remote gear display), side operation, 6 tap, 5 gears, horizontal installation.

Product Description

The series applies to the oil-insulated transformer highest voltage grade 220kV or less, the rated through-current 3000A or less, in the transformer’s de-energized state, switch the tap changer to change the effective turns of the transformer coil, to achieve the purpose of changing the transformer ratio, adjusting and stabilizing the output voltage.

Schematic Diagram


Advice for user selection and Utilization
1.It is separately designed from the operation part and the body part, and the installation methods are flexible and diverse. For the selection, please combine the selection according to the required operating mechanism and the model of the body.
2.It is standard with lead and operated insulation rod. With special requirements, please clearly indicate in the contract and order notice. The operating insulation rod should be dried with the switch before installation and use, and can be used after drying. The lead wire is covered with insulating paper, please notice its thickness if there exists special requirements.
3.No △ symbol in the basic model refers to the neutral point connection method of the transformer.
4.Its current level should be selected with a corresponding margin, and it is recommended to reserve a 20% margin.
5.The selection of its voltage level shall meet the power frequency and impact requirements of main insulation and longitudinal insulation. Please specify any special requirements.
6.Before ordering, please request the Order Specification and electronic drawing (PDF or DWG format).
7.When installing the clamp tap changer, it and the transformer gripper should be fixed firmly, otherwise the its body will move down after vibration and lead to the control lever clutch.
8.Tap changer and transformer coil tap connection, please connect to its body on the transformer, for the radial outlet switch, is not allowed to force when the wiring tap lead root bending wire, lead bending please adopt the way of static rolling, the root insulation will bend after lead, then please users to bandage.
9.After it is dry, do not switch without sufficient lubrication to avoid damaging the switch.Its operating mechanism is separated from its body, and the operating mechanism of it is not dried when drying.
10.Its operating mechanism is equipped with mechanical limit. Do not exceed the switch limit gear to avoid damage. Please use the impact force operation when working.
11.During its operation or the transmission mechanism during the core inspection or field debugging, please remove the mechanism, mark before disassembly, and test the DC resistance and variable ratio to verify that the installation is correct.