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Mayor Hao Jianjun and his delegation visit our company

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Mayor Hao Jianjun and his delegation visit our company


On 6th August, the city's Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Hao Jianjun, paid a visit to a local company along with his delegation to gain insights into the corporate R&D innovation, product market share, future planning and development, and more. During the visit, Mayor Hao Jianjun expressed appreciation for the company's ability to seize market opportunities and enhance independent innovation.

The Mayor emphasized the significance of prioritizing the company's core business and leveraging its advantages to accelerate technological transformation. He encouraged the company to continue focusing on its main business and emphasized the importance of staying competitive in the market through continuous innovation.

Furthermore, Mayor Hao Jianjun reiterated the city's support for businesses that demonstrate a commitment to research and development and emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government and the private sector to drive economic growth and technological advancement.

In response to the Mayor's visit, the company expressed gratitude for the recognition of their efforts in R&D innovation and market growth. They assured the Mayor of their commitment to pursuing sustainable development and contributing to the city's economic and technological progress.

The company's representatives provided an overview of their current R&D projects, highlighting their focus on developing innovative products to meet the evolving needs of their customers. They also shared their future plans for expansion and diversification of their product portfolio.

Moreover, the company outlined their strategies for enhancing their market share and reaching new customer segments both domestically and internationally. They emphasized their dedication to maintaining a strong competitive position in the market through continuous improvement and adaptation to market trends.

During the discussions, the Mayor and his delegation expressed their confidence in the company's potential for growth and success. They commended the company's proactive approach to innovation and market development, positioning it as a valuable contributor to the city's economic landscape.

In conclusion, Mayor Hao Jianjun's visit to the company highlighted the city's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and innovate. The Mayor's affirmation of the company's efforts in R&D and market positioning serves as an encouragement for other businesses to prioritize innovation and technological advancement. The collaborative efforts between the government and the private sector are expected to drive sustainable economic growth and elevate the city's status as a hub for innovation and industry.