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De-energized W(1+2)T serial linear tap changer 110KV or less

De-energized WDT. W(1+2) linear tap changer(110KV or less) all excellent

De-energized W(1+2)T serial linear tap changer 110KV or less

The series is composed of the main body of the switch and the operation of the rotating mechanism, suitable for the frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz, the highest equipment voltage of 40.5kV, 126kV, the rated current of 200A~1600A oil-immersed transformer, fixed on the body or tank cover, in the state of de-energized of the tap and exchange

    Model Meaning



    1. The appearance design of the product is simple, the size is small, the installation method is flexible, it can be installed between the coils, and it occupies a small space;
    2. The connection between the switch and the transformer is simple, the layout is flexible, and the design of the transformer is convenient; 
    3. Reliable contact, not easy to misoperate.

    Model Specification

    Connection method Central voltage regulation
    Rated current 200A、400A 、600A、800A、1000 A、1250A、1600A
    Rated current 40.5kV、126kV

    Our de-energized W(1+2)T series linear tap-changers utilize cutting-edge technology to provide precise voltage control and seamless operation. With its advanced design, the tap-changer offers excellent accuracy and responsiveness, ensuring optimal voltage regulation and minimizing power losses. Whether used in transformer applications or other distribution systems, this tap changer provides a powerful and reliable solution for managing voltage changes.

    One of the main features of our de-energized W(1+2)T series linear tap-changers is their de-energized operation, which increases safety and minimizes the risk of electrical disturbances during maintenance or adjustments. This feature enables seamless, efficient operation without shutting down or interrupting the system, making it ideal for critical power applications.

    Voltage Regulation Principle


    Outline Drawing(W1+2TⅡ200-800A)


    Type Rated current A Rated voltagekV Install measurement  mm
    L L1 L2 L3 h h1 h2 ΦD
    W1+2TⅡ200~800/35-4×3 200~800 35 950 300 48 560 200-400A ,h=102; 600-800A ,h=128 200-400A, h1=73.5;600-800A, h1=100 200-400A ,h2=25;600-800A ,h2=35   200-400A, ΦD =φ107;
    W1+2TⅡ200~800/35-6×5 200~800 1142 396 48 656  600-800A, ΦD =35φ127
    W1+2TⅡ200~800/35-8×7 200~800 1334 492 48 752
    W1+2TⅡ200~800/63~110-4×3 200~800 63~110 1094 372 72 632
    W1+2TⅡ200~800/63~110-6×5 200~800 1430 540 72 800
    W1+2TⅡ200~800/63~110-8×7 200~800 1670 660 72 920

    Outline Drawing (W1+2TⅡ1000-1600A)


    Type Rated currentA Rated voltage KV Install measurement  mm
    L L1 L2 L3 h h1 h2 ΦD
    W1+2TⅡ1000~1600/35-4×3 1000~1600 35 950 300 48 560 1000~1600A,h=155; 1000~1600A,h1=100; 1000~1600A,h2=32; 1000~1600A,ΦD =Φ173;
    W1+2TⅡ1000~1600/35-6×5 1000~1600 1142 396 48 656
    W1+2TⅡ1000~1600/35-8×7 1000~1600 1334 492 48 752
    W1+2TⅡ1000~1600/63~110-4×3 1000~1600 63~110 1094 372 72 632
    W1+2TⅡ1000~1600/63~110-6×5 1000~1600 1430 540 72 800
    W1+2TⅡ1000~1600/63~110-8×7 1000~1600 1670 660 72 920
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