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JLK-103 on-load tap changer controller

Controller In General

JLK-103 on-load tap changer controller

The on-load tap changer controller, the on-load voltage regulating switch and the on-load voltage regulating transformer can form an automatic voltage regulating power supply system, so that the power supply voltage is stable within user’s required range, ensure that the power supply voltage is not affected by external voltage fluctuations and load changes, and improve the power supply quality and the safety of power equipment.

The shell adopts ABS flame retardant material, LCD display screen, Chinese menu system, perfect functions.


    1. It owns reasonable designing structure and can be embedded into a panel, and supports one-one output gear.  
    2. The rise or fall can be controlled remotely by passive contact or remotely by RS485.
    3. Flexible wiring, set with a lock switch, further increase the safety factor

    Model Specification

    Power AC220±10%   50HZ
    Measuring voltage 100V~500V
    Rated gear Gear 2~17
    Voltage regulation and time delay 10~180s
    Motion records 0~100000 times
    Gear BCD support
    Remote support

    The JLK-103 features state-of-the-art electronic control and monitoring features that can precisely adjust the tap changer position to meet different load and voltage requirements. With its advanced microprocessor technology, the controller provides real-time data analysis and intelligent decision-making to enhance the stability and reliability of power distribution networks.

    Featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive control panel, the JLK-103 simplifies operation and maintenance tasks, allowing operators to easily monitor and manage tap changer performance. Its compact and rugged design ensures durability and long-term performance in demanding industrial environments.

    The JLK-103 is suitable for a wide range of applications from distribution substations to industrial facilities where reliable voltage regulation is critical for optimal equipment operation and system reliability. This multi-function controller is compatible with various types of on-load tap-changers, providing flexible solutions for different power distribution needs.

    In addition to its superior performance, the JLK-103 is designed with safety in mind and incorporates protective features to prevent potential equipment damage and ensure operational stability. Its built-in diagnostic and alarm system provides proactive monitoring and alerts, allowing operators to resolve potential issues before they escalate.

    Overall, the JLK-103 on-load tap-changer controller sets new standards for voltage regulation accuracy and efficiency, providing unparalleled control and reliability for power distribution systems. With advanced technology and user-friendly design, this innovative controller is ideal for optimizing tap-changer performance and increasing overall system efficiency.

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