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JLK--716A on-load tap changer controller

Controller In General

JLK--716A on-load tap changer controller

The on-load tap changer controller and the on-load voltage regulating switch and the on-load voltage regulating transformer can form an automatic voltage regulating power supply system, so that the power supply voltage is stable within user’s required range, ensure that the power supply voltage is not affected by external voltage fluctuations and load changes, and improve the power supply quality and the safety of power equipment.

The shell uses aluminum alloy material to enhance the shielding electromagnetic interference ability, LED digital tube display.


    1. It owns reasonable designing structure and can be embedded into a panel,and supports one-one output gear.  
    2. The rise or fall can be controlled remotely by passive contact or remotely by RS485.
    3. Flexible wiring, set with a lock switch, further increase the safety factor.
    4. With aluminum case, strong and durable.

    Model Specification

    Power AC220±10%   50HZ
    Measuring voltage 100V~500V
    Rated gear Gear 2~14
    Voltage regulation and time delay 10~180s
    Motion records 0~99999次
    Gear BCD support
    Remote support

    The JLK-716A features advanced automation and monitoring functions that enable real-time adjustments and remote management of tap changer operations. The controller is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and feedback mechanisms to provide unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness in regulating voltage levels and load distribution.

    The JLK-716A is designed for versatility and compatibility in a variety of applications including substations, power plants and industrial facilities. Its rugged construction and durable components make it ideal for harsh and challenging environments, providing reliable performance in all conditions.

    Key features of the JLK-716A on-load tap-changer controller include programmable set points, adaptive control algorithms and comprehensive fault diagnostics. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, it provides operators and maintenance personnel with an easy and intuitive experience.

    In addition to technical capabilities, the JLK-716A was designed with safety and reliability in mind. It uses multi-layer protection and fail-safe mechanisms to ensure seamless and safe operation of the on-load tap-changer, minimizing the risk of equipment damage and power interruption.

    As a leading solution in power system optimization, the JLK-716A on-load tap-changer controller sets new standards in performance and efficiency. Its advanced features, robust design and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for utility, industrial and infrastructure operators seeking to maximize distribution system reliability and productivity.

    Experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology and precise control with the JLK-716A on-load tap-changer controller, an excellent solution for enhancing power distribution system performance.

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