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JLK-718A de-energized tap changer controller

Controller In General

JLK-718A de-energized tap changer controller

Jinli’s de-energized tap changer controller is the latest design of the special controller, which can be adjusted by using the up and down buttons on the front panel of the controller. The LED digital tube displays the gear position of the tap changer and the cumulative number of the tap changer actions. The controller has the functions of upper and lower limit gear limit, lifting interlocking, and chain protection with high voltage circuit breaker. The shell uses aluminum alloy material to enhance the shielding electromagnetic interference ability, LED digital tube display.


    1. It owns reasonable designing structure and can be embedded into a panel,and supports one-one output gear.  
    2. The rise or fall can be controlled remotely by passive contact or remotely by RS485.
    3. Flexible wiring, set with a lock switch, further increase the safety factor.
    4. With aluminum case, strong and durable.

    Model Specification

    Power AC220±10%   50HZ
    dynamic power consumption 200W
    Rated gear Gear 2~14
     defencive function Support for in and out protection
    Motion records 0~65535 times
    Gear BCD support
    Remote support

    Outline Drawing


    Opening Hole Drawing