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JLK-103D3 Intelligent Terminal

Controller In General

JLK-103D3 Intelligent Terminal

LK103D3 Intelligent terminal is specially designed for horizontal vacuum on-load tap changer, forming an automatic voltage regulating power supply system with on-load transformer. The power supply voltage is stable within the range required by users, and the power supply voltage is not affected by the external voltage fluctuation and the load change, and the power supply quality and the safety of the electrical equipment are improved. The terminal has triple-phase voltage, current and power acquisition functions, can store 5000 event records, with wifi module, can be controlled through a mobile phone APP. Moreover, it has an RS485 interface, which, after being connected to distribution integration terminal,can realize wireless data transmission and intelligent applications in distribution areas. The terminal adopts aluminum alloy fully closed enclosure, with a protection level of IP65.


    1. Aluminum alloy fully closed enclosure, with a protection level of IP65. rain and snow proof.
    2. The structure is designed compactly, small in size. It can be flexibly assembled around the transformer. 
    3. Equipped with LED display screen for user’s parameter setting.
    4. Convenient Maintenance.Operating lighter status can be checked from the bottom of the transformer.
    5. Adjust the gear through the mobile phone.It is equipped with RS485 a communication interface, which can transmit data with the upper computer through the protocol.

    Model Specification

    Power AC220±10% 50HZ
    Static power consumption ≤10W
    Rated gear Gear5and 9 
    Measurement accuracy U:Level I-0.5; P:Level Q-1
    Motion records 300000 times
    Working temperature -25~80℃
    Sampling voltage Three-phase four-wire

    The core of the JLK-103D3 smart terminal is its advanced processing capabilities, powered by state-of-the-art processors and cutting-edge software, ensuring seamless operation and fast data processing. With high-speed data transmission and powerful computing power, this smart terminal can handle the most demanding tasks with ease.

    The JLK-103D3 smart terminal adopts a stylish and modern design with a user-friendly interface, making navigation and operation intuitive and easy. Its vibrant touchscreen display delivers crystal-clear visuals, allowing users to access and interact with data with unparalleled clarity and precision.

    The JLK-103D3 smart terminal is equipped with a full set of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, and can be seamlessly integrated with various devices and systems for easy data transfer and synchronization. Whether you're in the office, on the road or in the field, this versatile device ensures you're always connected and in control.

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