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10kV plate vacuum on-load voltage regulation tap changer

Vacuum On-Load Tap Changer

10kV plate vacuum on-load voltage regulation tap changer

It is suitable for oil-insulated power transformers with AC 50Hz, primary side rated voltage of 10kV, rated through-current of 50A and less, and rated capacity of 630 KVA and less. It is directly connected with the transformer tank cover, which greatly reduces the transformer volume occupied by itself. Shares the oil chamber of the transformer, because it adopts vacuum arc removal, the transformer oil, overcomes the disadvantages of the transformer oil inside it after a long-term, and truly achieve safe, reliable, maintenance-free and other characteristics. Final users shall choose the corresponding supporting on-load voltage regulating controller of our factory, as the operation control mechanism, which can realize automatic, manual and wireless adjustment, and truly realize automatic intelligent adjustment.



    For example, , SYⅤTZZ 50/10-5XZ ,as the triple-phase on-load terminal voltage regulation, adopts  transitional resistance, direct switching load switch, the maximum through-current is 50A, the highest voltage for equipment is 10kV, it has 5 tapping gear positions, horizontal structure, vacuum arc removal.

    This product meets the bidding requirements of State Grid and has been included in the standardized drawings of State Grid.


    Its contacts and transition contacts adopt double-layer sandwich structure, which can withstand greater short circuit current impact and fully meet the short circuit current impact requirements of state grid for distribution transformer.

    1.The unique operation technology is adopted to solve the problem that the tap changer can not be adjusted without power supply, which greatly facilitates the field operation and maintenance and troubleshooting.
    2.Electrical and physical dual gear indication is used to solve the inconsistency between the actual switch and the controller reading gear caused by the motor turnover, and improve the safety and reliability of the switch.
    3.The fully sealed precision speed reduction box + stepper motor technology is adopted to solve the problem of mechanism corrosion lag caused by water or moisture, and to ensure the stable operation for a long time.

    Model Specification

    Rated capacity(kVA)) 100~630kVA
    Power-frequency withstand voltage test voltage(kVA) 35 (1min)
    Lightning shock test voltage (full wave) 75(maximum)
    Maximum voltage(V) 500
    Allowed temperature is (℃) -25~ +115
    Arc removal mode vacuum
    Number of working positions 5
    Connection Line-end voltage regulation
    Range of regulation ±2*2.5%/±2*5%

    Voltage Regulation Schematic

    syvtzz (2)w1n

    Outline Drawing

    syvtzz (3)9zz
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