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20kV off circuit disc type tap changer –tank hole Φ43

Off circuit disc type tap changer

20kV off circuit disc type tap changer –tank hole Φ43

The tap changer is designed for oil-immersed power transformers operating at frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz. It is compatible with transformers rated at 10kV voltage and 63A to 250A current. The tap changer can be easily installed on the transformer box cover and replaced without the need for excitation.

    Model Meaning

    xq (1)fso


    1. The tap changer features a well-designed structure, compact size, and minimal installation space requirements, making it easy to install.
    2. The tap changer is designed with flexible and precise adjustment capabilities, allowing it to efficiently respond to various requirements and achieve effective control.
    3. The tap changer has low contact resistance, ensuring circuit stability and efficiency.
    4. The production of the tap changer follows standardized processes and can be customized. Under homogeneous conditions, it can significantly reduce capital costs.


    Phase Three phase
    Rated voltage 20kV
    Rated current 63A~250A
    Voltage regulation 0.025
    Tapping positions 2~5

    20kV non-excited magnetic tap changer - tank hole Φ43 is designed to achieve seamless switching between different voltage levels of power transformers. With its rugged construction and advanced design features, the tap-changer is able to withstand the harsh operating conditions commonly found in power distribution environments.

    One of the outstanding features of the 20kV non-excited magnetic tap changer - Slot Φ43 is its ability to handle high voltage levels up to 20kV, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in the power industry. Whether it is an industrial, commercial or residential distribution system, this tap changer is designed to meet the needs of modern electrical infrastructure.

    The tank hole Φ43 means that the tap changer is compatible with transformers with a tank hole diameter of 43mm, providing a versatile and adaptable solution for various transformer configurations. This flexibility makes the 20kV Disk Breaking Tap Changer - Tank Hole Φ43 ideal for retrofitting existing transformers or for inclusion in new transformer designs.

    In addition to its technical capabilities, the 20kV non-excited disk tap changer - tank hole Φ43 is designed for easy installation and maintenance, helping to minimize downtime and reduce operating costs. Its durable construction and high-quality components ensure long-term reliability and performance, making it a valuable investment for distribution operators and end-users.

    Overall, the 20kV Non-energized Disk Tap Changer - Tank Bore Φ43 represents a significant advancement in tap changer technology, offering a combination of power, versatility and reliability that makes it stand out in the market. Whether upgrading existing power infrastructure or integrating into new projects, this tap-changer is ideal for modern power distribution systems.

    Voltage Regulation Principle

    xq (1)(1)s52xq (2)z2g


    xq (3)25v

    Model No. (A)Rated Current (KV)Rated Voltae NO.of phases (mm)Install dimension Tank hole
    ΦD1 L H Md φD
    WSPⅢ163/20-3×3 63 20 3 80 67 95 M6 110 Φ43
    WSPⅢ1125/20-3×3 125 95 M8 120
    WSPⅢ163/20-5×5 63 105 75 130 M6 200
    WSPⅢ1125/20-5×5 125 130 M8 200
    WSPⅡ163/20-4×3 63 80 67 98 M6 173
    WSPⅡ1125/20-4×3 125 98 M8 177
    WSPⅡ163/20-6×5 63 103 M6 232
    WSPⅡ1125/20-6×5 125 103 M8 236
    WSPⅡ1250/20-4×3 250 120 M8 225
    WSPⅡ1250/20-6×5 250 105 75 120 M8 278
     WSPⅣ163/20-3×2 63 80 67 120 M6 225
     WSPⅣ1125/20-3×2 125 120 M8 225

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