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Horizontal capacity regulating and voltage regulating tap changer

Capacity and voltage regulation tap changer

Horizontal capacity regulating and voltage regulating tap changer

The core component of the on-load capacity-adjusting voltage-regulating transformer is suitable for rural power grids with large seasonal load changes and some urban commercial areas, development zones, industrial areas and other power distribution areas with significant day and night load changes. When the load of the power grid is light or close to no load, the project product will intelligently change the transformer from large capacity to small capacity operation, greatly reducing the line loss of the power grid and saving electric energy. The product includes a voltage regulating function, and the number of tap positions is 3/5.

    Model Description



    The size of the transformer capacity can be adjusted in real time according to changes in the grid load to achieve the purpose of reducing the line loss of the grid and saving electric energy. At the same time, the project product can automatically adjust the voltage according to the fluctuation of the grid voltage, thus stabilizing the grid voltage and improving power quality. Function: The horizontal structure is used to arrange the contacts on both sides of the switch to save the installation space of the transformer and reduce the manufacturing cost of the transformer. The product adopts multi-break arc extinguishing technology. Under the same stroke, the arc of multiple breaks is longer than that of a single break. , which is beneficial to the recovery of the arc gap dielectric strength. In addition, since the power supply voltage is applied to several fractures, the voltage applied to each fracture is reduced, that is, the recovery voltage of the arc gap is reduced, which also helps to extinguish the arc.

    Product Information

    1. This switch is suitable for on-load capacity-regulated and voltage-regulated tap-changers with a rated voltage of 10KV and a rated capacity of 630KVA (and 315KVA) or below.

    2. Rated voltage 10KV on-load capacity regulating tap changer, suitable for AC 50HZ, primary side line rated voltage 10KV, rated through current 60A (and 30A) and below, equipped with oil-immersed transformer, is an on-load capacity regulating tap changer. An integral part of the voltage transformer. This switch should use the corresponding supporting intelligent power distribution terminal of our factory as the switch operation control mechanism. The basic function of this switch is to connect the tap of the switch to the corresponding tap of the coil of the capacity-adjusting and voltage-regulating transformer. When the transformer is under load, it can automatically switch the tap position and adjust the tap position according to the signal sent by the distribution terminal. The high-voltage coil performs star-angle switching and the low-voltage side series-parallel switching, thereby adjusting the transformer capacity, ensuring voltage quality, improving the system power factor, and reducing reactive power consumption. One of the effective measures. The intelligent power distribution terminal can be operated manually or automatically operate the switch to complete the switching task according to the secondary side current and voltage signal.

    3. The basic datasheet as below shows:

    pro (2)0z3

    4. This on-load tap capacity adjusting switch is suitable for the following working conditions: The lowest temperature of the surrounding air is -25°C, and the highest temperature is +40°C. The minimum temperature of transformer oil is -25℃, the maximum temperature is +100℃, and it cannot be affected by moisture.

    5. The inclination between the switch installation site and the vertical plane shall not exceed 5 degrees. The weight of the switch is about 90KG, and the volume of the mailbox is about 49L.

    Voltage Regulation Principle

    pro (3)anfpro (4)hra

    High capacity state

    Low capacity state


    pro (5)5wo

    A: Transformer tank cover
    B: Tap changer oil drain hole

    Schematic diagram of transformer opening and stud welding

    pro (6)8nhpro (7)9p0pro (8)tju

    A: Transformer tank cover
    C: High voltage side terminal block
    D: Low voltage side terminal block
    E: Tap changer gasket
    F: Tap changer body

    Switch and transformer assembly diagram

    pro (9)ea0

    High voltage side front view


    High voltage side front view


    Capacity-adjusted high-voltage side and voltage-regulating part wiring diagram

    ppic (1)sdippic (2)8le

    Capacity adjustment low voltage side wiring diagram

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