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Vertical electric cage type tap changer-star angle conversion

Off circuit cage type tap changer

Vertical electric cage type tap changer-star angle conversion

This series of switches is composed of an electric transmission mechanism, a switch body, and an electric controller. It is designed to be used in oil-immersed transformers with a maximum equipment voltage of 126 kV or lower and a rated current of 1250A or lower. The tap switching can be operated electrically or manually when the transformer is not in the excitation state. These switches are intended to be used in conjunction with our company’s electric controller JLK-718A.

This tap changer can only be operated when the transformer is de-energized.

    Model Meaning



    1. This technology is applicable to all transformers that do not rely on excitation. 
    2. With its exceptional short-circuit resistance, this product is well-suited for high-current and high-voltage switching purposes. 
    3. This product is designed to accommodate different operating preferences, offering both automatic and manual modes.


    Connection Star angle conversion
    Rated through current 200A-800A
    Rated current grade 10kV、35kV
    Maximum number of working positions 2

    Designed specifically for high voltage power transformers, this tap changer features a unique vertical design for easy installation and maintenance. The vertical orientation also allows for more compact and efficient use of space within the transformer, making it an ideal solution for densely populated substations.

    The star-to-pole conversion capability of the tap changer can achieve seamless conversion between different voltage levels, providing greater flexibility for power distribution and ensuring stable and reliable power supply. This feature is particularly useful in systems with fluctuating power demand, as it allows for quick, precise adjustments to match required voltage levels.

    In addition to innovative design and functionality, our vertical electric cage tap-changers are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding environments.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Models Installation (mm) Power frequency withstand voltage level(kV/1min)
    L1 L2 H1 H To earth Interface Between contacts
    WSLⅣDL200~630/10-3×2 150 110 480 720 45 45 18
    WSLⅣDL800/10-3×2 170 130 550 790
    WSLⅣDL200~630/35-3×2   210 170 650 890 100 95 30
    WSLⅣDL800/35-3×2 210 170 650 890

    The above design and parameters are subject to change without prior notice during product improvement. The specific dimensions are based on the switch shape provided by our company when ordering.

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