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WDT de-energized, single-phase, linear tap changer. Opening dimensions Φ20.5+0.5

De-energized linear tap changer

WDT de-energized, single-phase, linear tap changer. Opening dimensions Φ20.5+0.5

The tap changer applies to single-phase oil-insulated transformers of the frequency 50Hz, 60Hz, of the highest voltage for equipment 10KV, 24kv, of the rated through-current 30A,63A,fixed on tank cover of transformers directly and exchanged in the de-energized state.

    Model Meaning



    1. It has a reasonable structural design, a smal volumn, and low requirements for install space, making
    2. It has a flexible gear shifting design, accurate positioning, and can easily meet various needs, achieving efficient control.
    3. It has a small contact resistance, ensuringthe stability and efficiency of circuit.
    4. It is produced in a standardized manner and can be specially designed. In the case of the same quality,it saves muchcosts.
    5. Patented design with obvious tactile feedback during gear shifting. 


    Phases Single
    Highest voltage for equipment 10kV、24kV
    Rated through-current 30A、63A
    Voltage regulation 0.025
    Tap positions 3~7

    WDT tap changers are equipped with advanced technology to ensure smooth and seamless operation. Its de-energized design increases safety and reduces the risk of electrical hazards, making it a reliable choice for power distribution systems. The single-phase configuration makes it suitable for use in a variety of electrical systems, providing versatility and flexibility in its application.

    The opening size of this tap changer is Φ20.5+0.5, which can meet various installation requirements. This ensures convenient and easy integration into existing systems, minimizing the need for extensive modifications or adjustments.

    The linear tap-changer design improves the precision and accuracy of voltage regulation, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in energy distribution. This improves power quality and reliability, meeting the demands of modern electrical systems.

    Our WDT tap-changers are manufactured to the highest standards, using high-quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability. Its rugged construction and high-quality components make it a reliable choice for demanding environments and critical applications.

    In addition to performance and reliability, WDT tap-changers offer user-friendly features and are easy to install and maintain. Its intuitive design and durable construction make it a cost-effective and practical solution for modern energy distribution systems.

    Overall, the WDT deenergized single-phase linear tap-changer combines advanced technology, reliable performance and user-friendly design. It is ideally suited to meet the changing needs of modern energy distribution systems, providing reliable, efficient operation for a variety of applications.

    Voltage Regulation Principle



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