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WSLde-energized American transformer manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation(fuel tank opening holeΦ43)

De-energized manual cage tap changer

WSLde-energized American transformer manual cage tap changer central voltage regulation(fuel tank opening holeΦ43)

The series is designed for use with combined transformers (American tank transformers) or outdoor oil-immersed power transformers operating at frequencies of 50 and 60Hz. It is compatible with maximum equipment voltages ranging from 12 to 40.5kV and rated currents of 63-250A. The device can be conveniently mounted on the transformer tank cover or box wall, and can be tapped and replaced while the transformer is de-energized.

    Model Meaning



    This device boasts a compact and small structure, ensuring it occupies minimal space in the transformer. Its installation is hassle-free, and the gear adjustment is smooth and effortless, requiring only a small amount of operating torque.


    Connecting method Central voltage regulation
    Rated current 63A-250A
    Rated voltage 10kV、20 kV、35kV

    Launch of the WSL non-excited American transformer manual cage tap-changer, specially designed for central voltage regulation in distribution systems. This high-quality product features a 43mm diameter tank opening to provide reliable, efficient performance for your voltage regulation needs.

    The WSL non-excited American style transformer manual cage tap changer is designed for seamless integration into your distribution system. The tap changer is compact, durable and able to withstand harsh industrial environments. Manual control allows easy and precise adjustment of the transformer, ensuring optimal voltage regulation of the grid.

    This tap changer is de-energized and safe and easy to operate, minimizing the risk of electric shock during maintenance and adjustments. American design ensures compatibility with standard transformers, allowing for easy installation and integration into existing systems. The cage design provides additional protection and stability to the tap changer, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

    WSL non-excited American transformer manual cage tap-changer has a centralized voltage regulation function and is an important part of maintaining stable and efficient power distribution. The 43mm diameter fuel tank opening facilitates maintenance and refueling, further enhancing the convenience and usability of this product.

    Whether you manage a distribution network or oversee transformer operations, the WSL Outage American Transformer Manual Cage Tap Changer delivers the reliability and performance you require. Trust this high-quality tap changer to provide accurate, consistent voltage regulation to keep your operation smooth and efficient.

    Invest in a WSL non-excited American transformer manual cage tap changer and experience the benefits of reliable, precise voltage regulation in your power distribution system.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Type Rated voltage kV Install measurement mm
    H1 H2 H ΦD Md
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/10-4×3 10 95 65 245 Φ125 63A,Md=M6;125A,Md=M8
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/10-6×5 95 65 245
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/10-8×7 95 65 245 Φ136
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/20-4×3 20 110 100 330 Φ125
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/20-6×5 110 100 330
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/20-8×7 110 100 330 Φ136
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/35-4×3 35 130 110 370 Φ125
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/35-6×5 130 110 370
    WSLⅡ2 63~125/35-8×7 130 110 370 Φ136

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