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WST de-energized, linear tap changer. Series-parallel connection ZH3 Opening dimensions Φ43

De-energized linear tap changer

WST de-energized, linear tap changer. Series-parallel connection ZH3 Opening dimensions Φ43

Designed for triple-phase oil-insulated transformers, this tap changer is compatible with frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz. It is suitable for transformers with a maximum equipment voltage of 10kV and 24kV, and a rated through-current of 30A and 63A. The tap changer can be directly installed on the transformer tank cover and replaced when the transformer is de-energized.

    Model Meaning



    1. With its compact and well-designed structure, the tap changer can be easily installed in spaces with limited room.
    2. With its flexible gear shifting design, the tap changer enables accurate positioning and easy adaptation to different requirements, achieving efficient control.
    3. Designed with minimal contact resistance, the tap changer plays a significant role in maintaining the circuit’s stability and efficiency.
    4. Produced in a standardized manner, the tap changer can be specially designed to meet specific needs. It provides significant cost savings without compromising on quality.


    Phases Triple
    Highest voltage for equipment 20kV
    Rated through-current 63A-250A
    Voltage regulation 0.025
    Tap positions 3~5

    The tap-changer is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure operation without power, guaranteeing safety during maintenance and switching operations.  WST tap-changers are designed to provide seamless, precise voltage regulation, resulting in smooth, reliable power transfer without interruption or downtime.

    The series-parallel ZH3 configuration of tap changers provides multiple tap positions for optimal voltage regulation, allowing for superior control and flexibility when managing power systems. This versatility makes WST tap-changers ideal for a variety of industries and applications, from power generation and distribution to industrial manufacturing.

    WST de-energized linear tap-changers are manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability even in the most demanding environments. Its compact, streamlined design minimizes space requirements and is easy to install and integrate into existing electrical systems.

    With WST tap-changers, you can rely on consistent and efficient power regulation, reducing energy losses and increasing the overall efficiency of your operation. Its advanced engineering and precision control capabilities make it an indispensable asset for optimizing the performance and reliability of electrical infrastructure.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    No. Model No. Regulating position Install dimension  mm
    L L1 L2 L4 H H1 H2
    1 WSTⅤ63/20-4×3ZH3(double) Series-parallel Central 706 256 225 194 183 78 80
    2 WSTⅤ125/20-4×3ZH3(double) 720 256 232 214 183 78 80
    3 WSTⅤ63/20-6×5ZH3(double) 706 256 225 194 183 78 80
    4 WSTⅤ125/20-6×5H3(double) 720 256 232 214 183 78 80

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