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WST de-energized, triple-phase, linear tap changer(central voltage regulation). Opening dimensions Φ61

De-energized linear tap changer

WST de-energized, triple-phase, linear tap changer(central voltage regulation). Opening dimensions Φ61

Suitable for triple-phase oil-insulated transformers, the tap changer is designed to work with frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz. It is suitable for transformers with a maximum equipment voltage of 10kV and 24kV, and a rated through-current of 30A and 63A. The tap changer can be easily fixed on the transformer tank cover and replaced when the transformer is not energized.

    Model Meaning



    It applies to large current transformer of 400A, 500A and has compact structure, easy install, excellent contact performance.
    1. The tap changer has a reasonable structural design, making it compact in size and requiring minimal installation space.
    2. The tap changer is designed with a flexible gear shifting mechanism, allowing for precise positioning and effortless adaptation to different needs, ensuring efficient control.
    3. The tap changer is designed to have minimal contact resistance, which is crucial for maintaining the stability and efficiency of the circuit.
    4. The tap changer is produced using standardized production methods, allowing for customization based on specific requirements. It offers cost savings while maintaining the same level of quality. 

    Technical Data

    Phase Triple
    Rated voltage 10kV - 35KV
    Rated current 400A,500A
    Voltage regulation 0.025
    Tapping positions 3~9

    The WST tap-changer features advanced power-off operation, ensuring safe and reliable voltage regulation without the need to interrupt the power supply. This feature not only minimizes downtime but also reduces the risk of equipment damage and electrical hazards. In addition, the three-phase design enables precise and synchronized voltage adjustment of each phase, optimizing the overall stability and quality of the power supply.

    One of the main highlights of our tap-changers is their central voltage regulation function. By maintaining consistent voltage levels at central points in the distribution network, our products help improve the performance of connected equipment and minimize voltage fluctuations. This increases operational efficiency and reduces energy consumption, making it a valuable asset in industrial, commercial and residential environments.

    Utilizing durable materials and rugged construction, WST tap changers are built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation. Its compact design and efficient functionality make it easy to install and maintain, saving our customers time and resources. Additionally, our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards, giving operators peace of mind and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

    Voltage Regulation Principle




    Model No. Install Dimension
    L E F G a n D H H1
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/10-4×3 746 65 120 80 32 3 110 115 78
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/10-6×5 990 65 120 80 32 5 162 115 78
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/20-6×5 1191 80 155 100 38 5 188 156 118
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/35-4×3 987 120 170 100 38 3 117 156 118
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/35-6×5 1286 120 170 100 38 5 188 156 118

    Outline Drawing


    Model No. Install Dimension
    L L1 F D G n a H H1
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/10-8×7T 1195 424 120 120 80 7 32 115 78
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/35-8×7T 1634 594 188 188 140 7 38 156 118
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/10-10×9T 1387 488 120 120 80 9 32 115 78
    WSTⅡ5 400~500/35-10×9T 1862 670 188 188 140 9 38 156 118

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